Today we’re talking about engagement ring styles! Specifically my own! I couldn’t relaunch my new blog without mentioning one of the biggest things to happen to me this year! I’m engaged! I am engaged to one of the most wonderful human beings that I have ever known.

I’ll be honest, before my fiancé came into my life I didn’t really give much thought to details like this. Marriage was always something that I wanted in my life at some point. Years ago I thought that I was sure about where I was in life, who I was with, and where I was headed. But I gave myself a reality check and figured out that none of it was right for me at that time. Fast-forward to today & this relationship, and I’m more sure of myself these days. I have a better understanding of who I am, and what I bring to the table. I’m not shy to speak my opinions and voice my concerns. Life is much too short to be stuck with things, people or places that really don’t serve you.

When my fiancé started asking for suggestions regarding the engagement ring that would be always on my finger, I knew it had to be different – like me. One day, I came across an article somewhere online talking about alternative engagement rings. It caught my eye immediately, so I clicked the link. And that’s when it dawned me – that was my style. There were all different stones used, different cuts of stones, different colours. You name it. But the shape and the colour that always attracted me was the bright green emerald in an emerald cut.

One evening, the topic of engagement rings came up again and I showed him a few different pictures of emerald engagement rings. I left it at that. Well, it just so happened that the very last engagement ring that I pinned on my secret wedding board (you can follow me on Pinterest – but you won’t find it haha) – was the ring that now sits on my finger! I don’t even remember showing him this exact ring!

When he proposed I didn’t even look at the ring first. I eventually stopped blubbering to take a look (ugly cry queen right here), and I was so impressed. He also got down on one knee when he proposed (pretty awesome for a guy that’s 6’5″)!

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And in case your significant other starts asking you for ring ideas, my fiancé shared with me where he got the ring from & how the whole process was totally stress-free for him. He even selected the specific stone in the middle especially for me and the ring.

Now I have a beautiful memento of that special day and everything that is to follow. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

I always looked at an engagement ring as a family heirloom of sorts and I hope that one day I have the chance to pass it down to one of my children or their children in the distant future (I mean, I do want to enjoy it for as long as I can you know!). I will say though that the first time travelling with the ring had me extremely nervous – would I need to take it off? Where would I put it? For my fitness classes, I actually found a little ring pouch that I carry around with me now to place my ring into. That way I can keep it safe if I need to.

So, since I’m a newbie to the wedding world, I want to know – how do you protect your wedding & engagement rings? Any care tips you want to pass along?

Let me know your tips in the comments below!

Updated November 27, 2017