If you’re in and around Halifax you’ll definitely want to check out the Halifax Pop Explosion Music Festival happening this week until Saturday, Oct. 21st.

Over the course of four days, over 100 musicians, bands and artists will be performing here in Halifax at 15 venues around the city.

Here on Élana Camille Creates, I’ll be featuring a few of the female artists performing during the four days, to find out how they started, what their creative inspirations are and what they count as their festival essentials!

With all that being said, I’d like for you to meet Gianna Lauren!

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This HPX veteran (it’s her 3rd or 4th time performing at this music fest) counts Halifax, Ottawa and Edmonton as her hometowns; Joni Mitchell as her musical inspiration and she just released a new album Moving Parts.

Keep reading to discover more about Gianna Lauren and when she’ll be performing at Halifax Pop Explosion Music Festival.

Gianna Lauren Halifax Pop Explosion Music Festival Élana Camille Creates Fashion Illustration

Name: Gianna Lauren
Hometown: Halifax / Ottawa / Edmonton
Occupation/Artistic Title: Musician

How long have you been performing?

Started performing my own songs under the name Gianna Lauren in 2008.

When & why did you decide to get into music?

When I was 10 I saw the Rolling Stones live and fell in love with Keith Richards (the band’s lead guitar player). That year I started taking guitar lessons and music became a big part of my life, how I expressed myself, and how I connected with a greater community.

Is this your first time to Halifax & the Halifax Pop Explosion Festival?

This will be my 3rd or 4th time performing the festival (I’ve lost track!) Halifax is one of my homes and HPX always feels like a kitchen party.

What are you most looking forward to while in town?

I just released a new album called M o v i n g P a r t s and have been touring it with a kick ass band. This show with HPX will be the official vinyl release for Halifax.

Who or what is your creative inspiration?

My peers in the music community are real-life inspiration. People pursuing their dreams and passions, people rising above hardship or overcoming obstacles. I find nature inspiring, activists, and people who put themselves out on a limb.

Do you have another artist who is your musical inspiration? If yes, who?

Joni Mitchell. Everything she touches is gold.

What is your fashion/style inspiration as an artist?

I have a fondness for French couture. Classic, tailored, high quality textiles and a fantastic colour palette.

Five pieces in your wardrobe right now?

Black cutlottes, turtleneck, long light grey wool coat, silk blouse, long black accent vest, black patent leather pointy toe shoes.

Gianna Lauren Joni Mitchell Keith Richards long grey wool coat black culottes black patent point toe shoes

What song do you have on repeat right now?

‘Watering’ by Big Thief, ‘Supermodel’ by SZA.

Festival essential (fashion, food or otherwise)?


Drink water!!

What is one item that you never travel without?

My AeroPress coffee maker. 🙂

What are you snacking on when you’re not on stage/performing?

Fresh fruit, dried figs, hummus, crackers.

What kind of books/magazines do you read while on the road?

Actually I get carsick if I read while in motion. It sucks. I listen to music or podcasts. Listening to the New Yorker Radio Hour a lot.

What’s next for you & your music?

Going into the studio with the band next week, then on tour out west in November.

Any tips/creative inspiration for upcoming artists?

Don’t stop! Involve people you trust. Have a space without internet where you work on your craft.

Catch her performance at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 19th at the Bus Stop Theatre.


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