This has been a long time coming. And it’s finally here!

I’m so pleased to launch my newly revamped blog & brand new online shopÉlana Camille Creates!

For the longest time I have wanting to create my own little space here on the great world wide web. Something that was my own where I could share my creative inspiration for my artwork & illustrations, give a look into my lifestyle, share my favourite things, places, people and share the lessons I’ve learned in life so far.

And now, it’s finally here!

Why I decided to start my blog over from scratch Élana Camille Creates

My last blog Cameras & Clutches was made to showcase my love of photography and fashion (specifically bags). I remember coming up with the name for the blog and feeling so good about it! But, at the time my careers in marketing & later digital advertising were my main focus and my little blog became neglected.

While I was able to post every once in a while on the blog, I still used my social media accounts as a much needed creative outlet to help me deal with things going on in my personal life (read very therapeutic). And every new year, for the past few years, I would set a goal to write more. To create more content for my blog.

Last year, I decided I needed a do-over. I was going to create something that would be long-lasting that would truly serve as a creative outlet. And bigger than that, I wanted to inspire people in some way.

And that’s how Élana Camille Creates was, well … created!

I should also mention (shameless plug) that this will not only be a blog, but an online shop too where people can buy my artwork (one of the things that I am most excited about!!)!

My ultimate hope and dream for this new blog/shop, this new site really, is that it will showcase all the things that I love while allowing me to grow as an artist, an illustrator, a writer, a photographer and as a person. And I also want to inspire people to be creative in their own lives, however that might look.

So, together we’re going to learn how through content focused on travel, food, fashion, lifestyle and creative inspiration.

And, if there is one thing that I want readers to learn from my blog, it’s this:

Being creative doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Can’t wait for you to go on this journey with me!


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